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Version 2.1

Posted on 2009-06-30 15:36 byMartin

Version 2.1 new features:

-A possibility to create an hidden section only logged in users can see, direct link to the sections is still possible without login
-An alternative for the breadcrumbs called tab menu, it will show a few separate menu items underneath the header

It still has all the features from 2.02:

- Automated archive page related to a parent section
- Automated menu and breadcrumbs generator based on sections
- Breadcrumbs builder, can be turned on and off
- Customiseable BBcode
- Gallery type 1
- Gallery type 2
- Gallery type 3, a single large image display (usefull for webcomics)
- Gallery type 3 archive page
- Horizontal menu tabs builder can be turned on and off
- Integrated contact page
- Languages for the interface, currently Dutch and English
- Vertical menu builder with possible subsection
- On error the CMS will display an error page, integrated into the site
- SEO clean urls, good for search engine indexing and bookmarking
- Skin/template system to simply change the skin for use with other websites

Version 2.1 bugfixes/changes:

- Changed the $i varable in the first for loop that echoes the year links, it started at 1, which should be 0 to include the latest year.
The problem was that if the latest year only had one article, the year link was not shown in the archive year part of the archive
- Fixed an alignment problem with the [pre] tag
- Gallery type 2 bugfix, where the buildbrowsing wasn't rendered even if there was content
-Header('Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'), this wil make sure the content charset is correct
- Upgraded the YouTube embedding bbcode to the full widescreen format and forcing it to show high quality (HQ) video, while disabling annotations
- Various behind the scenes bugfixes and additions, mainly .htaccess related