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Sites that use Marbl-CMS

Here is a list of websites that are currently using Marbl, this list will continue to update as time progresses and sites get patched up to newer versions.

When Marbl is going to be used on new sites, these sites will then also be added to this list.

Version 2.2 - work in progress
Bas Siegers
Emiel Drent
Existence Unknown - my webcomic and blog
Garmt op de Loop

Version 2.1
Marbl-CMS - this site
Mulder Bedden
Mulder Mannenmode
Veendam Karting

Version 2.02:
2.02 sites are now running the 2.1

Version 2.01:
2.01 sites are all patched to 2.02

Version 2.0:
2.0 sites are all patched to 2.01 or higher

Version 1.0:
1.0 sites are all patched to 2.0 or higher